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New Ballet Photographer Dimitri Igoshin

New Ballet Photographer Dimitri Igoshin

Dimitri Igoshin is a ballet photographer living in St-Petersburg, Russia. He has backstage access to all the theatres in the city, capturing the excitement that goes on behind the scenes.


Discover the Beauty and Elegance of Classic Ballet Dancers | The Picturalist

Dimitri Igoshin, a renowned ballet photographer based in St-Petersburg, Russia, offers a behind-the-scenes look at the excitement and beauty of classic ballet dancers. With backstage access to all the theatres in the city, including the Mariinsky and the Hermitage, Igoshin captures moments unseen by the audience. His photography reveals familiar visions and memories we have all seen in museums, some of them painted by Degas, recreated in a more contemporary style.



At The Picturalist, we offer a wide selection of Igoshin's stunning framed art and photography that captures the beauty and elegance of classic ballet dancers. Explore the collection today and discover the magic of ballet through Igoshin's lens.




Visit his artist profile to see more of his inspiring photography.


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At The Picturalist, we understand that time is of the essence when it comes to completing a design project for your client. That's why we offer a wide selection of contemporary images, with hundreds of frame options to match any style. Interior designers and showrooms can find the perfect art piece to accent their clients' decor and receive fast shipping to keep up with the demands of today's instagramable world. We guarantee delivery within a week, so you can confidently browse our website and add images to your decor ideas without worrying about delays. Choose The Picturalist for your next project and let us help you complete the perfect look for your clients.


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