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Marie Adeline: A French Artist's Abstract Creations for Modern Interiors

Marie Adeline: A French Artist's Abstract Creations for Modern Interiors

For years, Marie has collaborated with renowned French and international brands, leaving her mark in the realms of home textiles, interior decoration, and fashion. Her prints have charmed interior designers and hospitality designers alike, finding their place in luxury spaces across North America.


The Picturalist is thrilled to welcome Marie Adeline, a maestro of textile design whose artistic finesse is now part of our exquisite collection. Marie brings the serene harmony of color and the elegance of simplicity to our curated selection of framed prints.


In the heart of Le Marais in Paris, Marie Adeline crafts her evocative designs, blending art and function to offer ready-to-hang abstract wall art solutions for interior designers, hospitality professionals, and design enthusiasts. Her work has captivated audiences worldwide, reflecting her dedication to the craft and her mastery of blending abstract and figurative elements.

Marie’s studio is a symphony of creativity where colors mingle with meticulously rinsed brushes, and shelves brim with samples from her extensive collections. It's here that she explores abstract and geometric patterns, using water, paint texture, and light to create simple yet dynamic compositions.

Her designs in the MA Series, including MA Series 3, 4, 5, and beyond, showcase bold lines against deep backgrounds, forming visual narratives that seamlessly integrate into residential and commercial interiors. The series’ cohesive yet varied style makes each piece suitable for solo display or as part of a gallery wall, providing versatile configurations for interior design projects.

Marie’s art draws on her experiences in Martinique, with sketches of tropical flora and endearing animal motifs that have adorned cushions and curtains, capturing the beauty of nature. These designs have been embraced by leading French and international brands, making her work a staple in home textiles, interior decor, and fashion alike.

For online shoppers and design lovers looking to purchase art online, Marie's pieces offer ready-to-hang solutions that ship quickly, making them ideal for both interior designers and hospitality projects. The availability of various frames and sizes allows for easy adaptation to diverse design visions, further solidifying Marie’s artwork as a valuable asset.

MA Series 8 and its counterparts embody Marie's handcraftsmanship, balancing abstract and figurative geometry seamlessly. Whether for a boutique hotel lobby, a contemporary home, or an office space, her work enhances the ambiance and sophistication of any setting.

For those strolling down Rue du Vertbois, Marie’s gallery invites you into her poetic universe. Here, her deep inks and cheerful patterns reflect her enchantment with the world around her, offering curated art solutions for modern interiors. The Picturalist proudly presents Marie Adeline's artwork, providing ready-to-hang, framed prints that bring high-end design and curated aesthetics to homes, offices, and commercial spaces worldwide.


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