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Marie Adeline


In the heart of Le Marais, Marie crafts her designs in her studio. Here, colors mingle with pots brimming with meticulously rinsed brushes. Stacks of samples line the shelves, bearing witness to the textile designer's numerous collections. At the back of the studio, Marie stands, brush in hand, perfecting her color palettes.

With a sensitivity that permeates her work, she explores abstract and figurative geometric shapes, playing with water, paint texture, and light to construct graphic, simple, and minimalist patterns. Far from computers, Marie creates anew, always by hand. Inspired by the beauty of nature, she sketches the flowers and leaves of the tropical trees that surrounded her during her time in Martinique.

Alongside, endearing animals line up, escaped from the farm and the zoo to adorn cushions or curtains. Like the famous Mr. Fox, who continues to roam the world and has become the cup of tea for the English.

For many years, Marie has collaborated with leading French and international brands. Her designs enchant in the realms of home textiles, interior decoration, and fashion alike. It's not uncommon for a passerby to enter her gallery and be charmed by a deep ink or a cheerful patterned cushion. If you happen to stroll down Rue du Vertbois, don't hesitate to step inside. Marie always enjoys discussing her craft over a coffee. And it's infectious. You'll discover her poetic and enchanting universe.

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