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Encarnacion Portal Rubio



Encarnacion is an abstract watercolor painter who was born in Madrid (Spain) and has always been fascinated by color and its control. Before even holding a paintbrush, she created art by playing the violin. Her watercolors are characterized by the exploration of new techniques and concepts by pushing the boundaries between realism and dreamscapes. She believes that there is so much to express in life, and that life is color!

Encarnacion’s watercolors are a testament to her artistic ability and her passion for color. Her work is a visual representation of the beauty and complexity of life, and the emotions that color can evoke. Her pieces are not just art, they are an experience, a journey through color and imagination that invites the viewer to see the world through a different lens.

Encarnacion has honed her skills through various workshops and courses, including Agrupación Española de Acuarelistas from 2003-2006, Taller de Olegario Úbeda from 2007-2008, and Talleres de dibujo del Círculo de Bellas Artes de Madrid (CBA) from 2008 to the present. Additionally, she participated in Taller de Iniciación al Grabado at CBA in 2009, Taller de Grabado no Tóxico con Fotopolímero at CIEC in 2009, Taller de Pintura de Teresa Muñiz since 2009, Taller de Litografía CBA in 2010, Taller de Serigrafía at Centro Internacional Estampa Contemporánea (CIEC) in 2016, and Taller de fabricación de papel con Juan Barbé Arrillaga in 2017.

Encarnacion's artistic talent has earned her several prizes, including the Premio Creatividad AEDA in 2004, the Premio CBA in 2011, and the Premio CBA in 2017. She has also been selected for exhibitions, including those with Isabel Garrido in 2010, colectiva with Begoña Fernández, Juana Moreno, and Isabel Garrido in 2012, and colectiva Entrambas Taller de Teresa Muñiz.

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