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Customized Framing Programs for Interior Designers




Options to Make Your Design Stand Out

At The Picturalist, we're passionate about bringing your design vision to life, ensuring it stands out as a masterpiece of artistry. Collaborate closely with our team throughout your design journey, and together, we'll craft unforgettable wall-art designs that reflect your unique style.



Elevate Your Vision with The Picturalist Custom Program

At The Picturalist, we believe your artistic vision should know no bounds. Our commitment to design lovers and high-end interior designers goes beyond offering exceptional art—it extends to tailor-making your dreams into reality.

Have your heart set on a piece, but it needs a tweak? We've got you covered. From refining framing options to crafting entirely bespoke artworks inspired by your project, nothing is beyond our reach. Our artisans can even transform featured pieces into striking vinyl wall art or create diptychs and triptychs from existing images.

Your ideas are our inspiration, and we relish the opportunity to make them a vibrant reality. We're here to curate an experience that aligns perfectly with your unique taste, color palette, and design style. Elevate your vision with The Picturalist Program, where every artistic whim finds its exquisite expression.


Standard Options for Paper Prints

  1. Floated on a Shadowbox: Enhance the depth and texture of your artwork. Floating allows your piece to breathe within the frame, accentuating its finer details and deckled edges. The backboard is a perfectly neutral off-white, ensuring your art takes center stage.

  2. With a 2 inch White Border All Around: Choose this option for a contemporary look. This option shows a recessed print using spacers and a 2 inch unprinted white space surrounds the image.
  3. Framed Prints without Mat: Opt for a full-bleed look, where the image extends to the edge of the paper. This creates a minimalist, immersive effect, with the image meeting the frame's edge.

  4. Oversize Mats: Create a striking grid effect, balancing diverse image shapes within uniform mat spacing. The large mats let each image shine and invite a closer inspection.


Standard Options for Canvas Prints

  1. Gallery Framing: Achieve a flush or slightly recessed canvas within the face of the floater frame, ensuring your canvas print gets the attention it deserves.

  2. Bespoke Colors: We collaborate with interior designers and project managers to match existing artwork with your design color palettes. Provide us with Pantone hues or Benjamin Moore Paint colors, and we'll transform licensed artist pieces into bespoke artworks designed exclusively for your rooms.


Recessed by 1/4 Inch


Bespoke colors, based on Pantone hues or Benjamin Moore Paint colors

The Picturalist can worked under supervision of interior designers and project managers, to turn existing artwork by our licensed artists, into customized pieces of art to suit your design color palette.

Our commitment to customization knows no bounds, and we're delighted to tailor your art to your unique vision. Discover the limitless possibilities with The Picturalist Custom Program, where creativity and design unite to elevate your space.

Based on the color chips or Pantone codes you send us, we can transform existing pieces into your bespoke artwork designed for your rooms.

Below is an example of a change in colors we did for a hotel project for an interior designer:


This is the original artwork with its original colors.



This is the artwork after the color matching to specific Pantone colors




This is the artwork hanging in the final design:


Mansion on Turtle Creek, Dallas TX

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