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Barbara Alper Collection Limited Edition Prints via Getty Images Gallery



Discover the exclusive collection of Barbara Alper/Getty Images unframed limited edition prints available at The Picturalist. This handpicked selection showcases Barbara Alper's distinguished career as a freelance and fine art photographer, known for her compelling blend of documentary, conceptual, and narrative photography. Each print in this collection is rare, offered exclusively unframed, and embodies the essence of Alper's remarkable impact on visual storytelling. Note: This collection is exempt from trade or any discounts.


'In my mid-20s, after a college degree and employment in fields unrelated to photography, I bought a new camera, an upgrade from my Instamatic. Watching photographer friends at work something clicked and I realized “I can do that!”.  Finally I found what was right for me, not what I was “supposed” to be doing as a woman starting out in that era.  

I’m naturally curious, and an explorer, so my camera became a natural extension of that very nature.  Photography was It. I was a natural. It was meant to be. Living in Boston, I took a box of prints to the MIT Creative Photo Lab and they allowed me to audit classes for the year, free.  When the year ended, I started freelancing and working on personal projects.    

That was 40 yrs ago.  

I photograph where life leads me, being open to the world as it presents itself. I work without preconceived notions or predetermined outcomes. When I'm shooting it’s like a form of meditation with nothing else going on except what’s in front of me. My camera and I are synced.'

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