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Eric Gizard



Eric Gizard is a celebrated Interior Architect and Designer, Creative Director, and Founder and Director of EGA. He currently lives and works in the beautiful city of Paris, where he draws inspiration from the contemporary Decorative Arts.

Eric's work is a reflection of his unique style, which is a perfect blend of flamboyance and discretion, refinement and measure. His work is intuitive and bold, yet never in your face, making it reflective and on-trend.

Over the years, Eric has undertaken an array of diverse projects that have showcased his broad range of interests and talents. From apartments and boutiques in Japan to tea-rooms in Korea, and offices in Shanghai to hospitality projects in Europe, Eric's portfolio is a testament to his impeccable taste and design sense.

Among his many accolades, Eric was awarded the Designer of the Year title for the Maison & Objet Exhibition in 2005, in association with the renowned designer Andrée Putman. Eric has also worked with some of the most esteemed luxury brands in France, designing furniture lines, tableware, lighting, and objets d’art.

Eric's love for eclecticism and juxtaposition has made him an ardent explorer of world design, constantly pushing the boundaries of his creativity. He has even coordinated the color schemes for Air France A380 cabins and has been responsible for furnishing their VIP lounges across the world.

In addition to his work as an Interior Architect and Designer, Eric also has a keen interest in photography. His collection of photography showcases another personal side of his sensibility, highlighting his unique perspective and attention to detail. Eric's work continues to inspire and delight his audience, making him a sought-after artist in the contemporary art world.

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