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Why The Picturalist?

Art and interior design are inseparable companions, mutually dependent to fully develop. Integrating art into interiors not only enhances their visual appeal, but also contributes to the complex web of our shared visual history. By recognizing and accounting for this fundamental layer, we open up limitless possibilities to create spaces that excite, inspire, and leave an indelible impression on your clients.

We stand for individuality and offer you the opportunity to decide which type of framing best suits your design project.

While most art sites only offer one option for framing, with us you have a choice. Full bleed, white borders, matted, floating in a shadow box - all of these options are available to you with most of our art and photography catalogs.

A selection of timeless frames. After visiting numerous contemporary art museums, we have chosen to offer exactly what they use and make sure the framed work fits seamlessly into your decor.

High-quality, fade-resistant papers and inks. Because we know how strong the sun is in the southern states, and we know you do not want to lose the color intensity - for at least 80 years!

Color Matching. Tell us which Benjamin Moore colors you want to use, and we'll send you a proof for approval within 48 hours because we print.

We know that decorative items are the last to be chosen as installation dates approach, and that art is part of that final layer. We ship within 10 business days anywhere in the US and Canada.

Quality is our first responsibility, we develop it, protect it and improve it.

Trust us to provide you peace of mind.


Roy Caro Cohen

The Picturalist Founder


Roy Caro Cohen The Picturalist


Questions? Just call 1-833-742-8872 email us at [email protected] we promise to respond quickly.


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