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Ljubica Hajduka



Ljubica Hajduka was born in Zagreb, Croatia and later moved to Spain in the late 50s. She started working in the sculpture workshop of Miroslav Vertacnik in 1949 and studied at the renowned school of Krsto Hegedusic, a creator of the realistic pictorial movement and founder of the school of modern Yugoslav painting. Her artistic career spans across several galleries in Madrid, Paris, Vienna, Montecarlo and Biarritz.

Ljubica's art is a universe full of innocent freshness, opening a dreamlike nature and inventing modern melancholy. Her style travels between Naif and Expressionism, where poetic inspiration and human melancholy mix with faith in life.

Her works have been displayed in both individual and collective exhibitions, including those in Madrid in 1961/62, 73/85/91, Paris in 1963/70/72, Vienna in 1966, Montecarlo in 1962 and Biarritz in 1971.

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