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Elevate Your Space: The Ultimate Guide to Curated Framed Art and Photography Prints from The Picturalist

Elevate Your Space: The Ultimate Guide to Curated Framed Art and Photography Prints from The Picturalist

Enter the world of The Picturalist's gallery and discover an exceptional array of Fine Art Photography Prints and Framed Art Prints. Carefully chosen, the Framed Open Edition Prints make a wonderful addition to any well-designed space, crafted by skilled licensed artists to imbue your living quarters with a unique touch of creativity and refinement. Peruse our Decorative Art Made by Licensed Artists to find the ideal Wall Art for Interior Design that elevates your home or office with sophistication. Our curated collection caters to all art enthusiasts seeking that perfect expression of creativity.

Framed Art Prints and Beyond: A Canvas of Possibilities

The world of interior design is ever-evolving, and what sets a space apart is often the artwork that adorns its walls. At The Picturalist, we offer an extensive selection of Fine Art Prints, Framed Art Prints, and Framed Open Edition Prints to cater to the most discerning tastes.



Welcome to The Picturalist, your gateway to a world of refined artistry and design. Immerse yourself in our exclusive collection of framed prints, meticulously crafted on fade-proof matte archival paper, a testament to enduring beauty.

Interior designers find their creative haven here, where solid wood frames harmonize seamlessly with your project's decor style. Our mounting options, from the captivating 'float mounting' that adds an ethereal quality to 'full bleed' framing, offer the flexibility to bring your vision to life.

For design enthusiasts seeking to enrich their spaces, our framed prints transcend ordinary wall art. Create your own gallery with custom-sized prints, while hospitality projects discover a source of bespoke artwork to elevate guest experiences. Explore our collection and let your design aspirations flourish.

We use premium papers featuring optional hand torn edges using 100% cotton archival rag paper and UV proof archival inks, tested to be fade-proof for 80 years.

As part of our Fine Art collection, The Picturalist offers museum-quality Giclee Fine Art Prints, available as an open edition. Using archival inks that are fade-proof, our artworks are printed and framed locally in the USA and Canada on heavy matte, artist-grade, acid-free 285 gsm photo paper. Each piece is made-to-order specifically for you.

All our shadowboxes feature unbreakable lightweight acrylic glass. Our acrylic glass is more expensive than standard glass, and we recommend it because it’s clearer, far more impact resistant. Framing-grade acrylic has become the new standard in framing.

At The Picturalist, we check each artwork before it leaves the premises. All our packages are sent in specially designed boxes to guarantee picture perfect deliveries.



The Picturalist Lidia Beiza


Wall Art for Interior Design: Not Just a Detail, but a Statement

Our collection goes beyond mere decoration. It's Wall Art for Interior Design—thoughtfully curated to enhance both residential and commercial spaces. From hospitality procurement experts to commercial interior designers, The Picturalist is the go-to resource for art that tells a story.


Framed Photography by Getty Images The Picturalist


Getty Images Gallery: An Intersection of Excellence

As part of our curated range, the Getty Images Gallery section stands as a testament to our commitment to quality and diversity. It's a mecca for those seeking to infuse spaces with iconic photography and art, revered globally.


Framed Art Prints by Yolanda Carbayo The Picturalist


The Transformative Potential of Decorative Art Made by Licensed Artists

Each piece in our gallery is not merely art; it's Decorative Art Made by Licensed Artists. This ensures that you're not only investing in aesthetic appeal but also in the value and authenticity of each work. It's the kind of art that resonates with interior design firms, real estate developers, and home staging decorators alike.


Framed art Prints by Encarnacion Portal Rubio The Picturalist


Customization at its Finest: Frame Choices, Mounting Options, and Substrates

Why settle for the ordinary when you can customize every aspect of your selected art? Choose from a range of frame choices, mounting options, and even different substrates—be it framed prints on paper, framed canvas prints, or framed facemounted prints on metal.


Framed Art Prints with a choice of Frames The Picturalist


Art for Designed Interiors: A One-Stop Shop for All

Whether you're an individual design enthusiast looking to elevate your home or you're in the business of creating compelling spaces—hospitality, commercial, or residential—The Picturalist offers Art for Designed Interiors that doesn't just fill a space, but completes it.


Framed Art Prints for Gallery Walls The Picturalist


The Picturalist—Your Curator of Exceptional Wall Art for Your Home

Dive into The Picturalist's world of fine photography prints, where each piece is a window to stunning landscapes and iconic moments. Our collection, featuring everything from serene coastal photography to dynamic nature and landscape imagery, is perfect for interior designers or anyone looking to add a touch of photographic artistry to their space.

Discover boutique art on a grand scale with our Large Shop Diptychs, Triptychs and Panoramic framed pieces at The Picturalist. Ready to transform your space with excellence.

Explore our range of Getty Images photography and iconic celebrities photography, all available for sale in museum-quality Giclee prints. Each photograph is expertly crafted in the USA and Canada, offering artistic perspectives and captivating color palettes.

Customize your frame and elevate your interiors with a piece that speaks to you. And don't worry about shipping – we've got you covered in Canada and the contiguous United States (sorry, no PO boxes, APO/FPO addresses, or US Territories). Plus, with DDP shipping, there are no hidden fees on delivery. Expect your art to arrive in 7-10 business days, with a little extra time for orders to Canada.

Decorating your home is an art form, and framed professional photography is a great way to add a personal touch to any space. From vintage scenes to landscapes, our gallery offers a wide selection of the latest artistic photography to enhance your interior designs.

We are excited to provide you with fresh inspirations to elevate your design projects. Discover the newest additions to our gallery and get ready to transform your home.

Get ready to transform your space with the exquisite beauty of The Picturalist's fine photography.

At The Picturalist, we don't just sell art; we offer aesthetic solutions that can be tailored to individual tastes and functional requirements. From fine art to photography, from homes to high-rises, we've got something for everyone.


Discover the possibilities today and redefine your relationship with space.


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