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What is hot in art today?
When you're aiming to showcase art pieces, black and white themes can provide balance. It doesn't take up as much visual space as a traditional multicolored painting and it keeps the focus on your design. Solid colors can also achieve the same effect while adding a splash of color.
This is our take on what is happening in the world of art and design today. Subjects and colors that are new this season.


Venturing on a more modern aesthetic including jewel-toned pairings like warm gold and deep green or cobalt blue.





We can't all have a Van Gogh hanging on our walls but these mindful photographs leave us dreaming of cool summer nights when the skies are clear, walks around a lake in the country or childhood memories of camping week-ends.


Counting Stars





This sleek, modern design is perfect for a contemporary look. Your choice of print is retro-laminated into a single panel of 1/4 inch thick, UV proof acrylic glass with polished edges. Four metal knobs will keep it floating from your wall. This superior quality product is ideal for a contemporary look.




Mid-Century Modern is a style that has dominated design ever since its rise to popularity. Almost 40 years on, it came back again as a furniture trend in 2010 and it’s still going strong and seen in residential and commercial properties all over the world today. We propose a selection of artwork to match this fabulous style.




Whether it is vintage or contemporary, botanical prints are making a comeback, and not just for country homes or cottages.




What always looks chic, works with everything, yet creates impact in a room?  Black and White art!




When you’ve completed a design for a client, you need art and you need it yesterday. The Picturalist has that covered.
Interior designers and showrooms can choose from hundreds of contemporary images specifying the perfect frame to accent their clients style. In today’s instagramable world, The Picturalist delivers quickly to his followers. We know interior design projects need the perfect artwork to complete the look, so The Picturalist guarantees delivery within a week. Browse our website and add images to your decor ideas.

Roy Caro Cohen
Founder, The Picturalist


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