The Picturalist values you as an e-commerce partner. You represent our brand well and you deliver the high level of customer service we expect from our business associates.



  • You must maintain an account with a sizable volume of orders. Your annual volume with us will determine the variety of your offer.

  • You must sell at prices advertised by The Picturalist, or above MAP prices, never below.

  • You feature complementary products, engage with a similar target market, and present comparable site presentation.

  • You have an existing and functional e-commerce platform. If your site is in construction, please apply after your launch.



When the above requirements have been met, please create your account now:



After review and approval, we will work on your production selection. If needed, we’ll forward you a licensing agreement with permission to use The Picturalist brand. As long as you remain a partner, we will supply product images and texts for your site.



We will be happy to share information with you on our best sellers, featured items, and new frames. This will enable you to properly select which of our products to carry. Note that we expect you to offer the full range of products that constitute our one-stop-shop character.

Based on volume figures, we anticipate the following thresholds, begun with a trial number and adjusted after 6 months of sales:

  • 25 items for annual sales ranging up to US$10000

  • 50 items for annual sales ranging up to US$20000

  • 100 items for annual sales ranging superior to US$40000


Note: If sales performance is running above or below expectations, the number of items allowed may be adjusted at the sole discretion of The Picturalist.

At The Picturalist, both customer and e-commerce partner satisfaction are paramount. We welcome your partner experience feedback with an open mind. 


Questions? Just call 1-833-742-8872 or 1-833-PICTURA. We promise to respond quickly.



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