• Stretched Canvas 1.5 - The Horse Fair by Rosa Bonheur 1852
  • Stretched Canvas 1.5 - The Horse Fair by Rosa Bonheur 1852
  • Stretched Canvas 1.5 - The Horse Fair by Rosa Bonheur 1852
  • Stretched Canvas 1.5 - The Horse Fair by Rosa Bonheur 1852
  • Stretched Canvas 1.5 - The Horse Fair by Rosa Bonheur 1852

The Horse Fair by Rosa Bonheur 1852

Canvas print with archival inks framed with a soft silver and black floater.
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Construction: Pine Strechers and 100% Cotton Canvas
Presentation: Our Cotton Canvases wrap around the edge of the strechers
Durability: Our archival inks are fade proof in indirect sunlight
Surface Treatment: Finished with a clear brushed coat of varnish
Framing Options: Choice of real wood or slim edged metal floaters

Bonheur can be viewed as a "New Woman” of the 19th century; she was known for wearing men's clothing but she attributed her choice of trousers to their practicality for working with animals.] In her romantic life, she was fairly openly a lesbian; she lived with her first partner, Nathalie Micas, for over 40 years until Micas' death, and later began a relationship with the American painter Anna Elizabeth Klumpke ..At a time when lesbian sex – particularly tribadism was regarded as animalistic and deranged by most French officials, Bonheur's outspokenness about her personal life was groundbreaking.


In a world where gender expression was literally policed, Rosa Bonheur broke boundaries by deciding to wear pants, shirts and ties. She did not do this because she wanted to be a man, though she occasionally referred to herself as a grandson or brother when talking about her family; rather, Bonheur identified with the power and freedom reserved for men. Wearing men's clothing gave Bonheur a sense of identity in that it allowed her to openly show that she refused to conform to societies' social construction of the gender binary. It also broadcast her sexuality at a time where the lesbian stereotype consisted of women who cut their hair short, wore pants, and chain-smoked. Rosa Bonheur did all three. Bonheur never explicitly said she was a lesbian but her lifestyle and the way she talked about her female partners suggests this.


She had two female partners in her lifetime; the first, Nathalie Micas, Bonheur grew up with and then lived with for forty years and the second, Anna Klumpke, came into her life after the death of her first partner. Bonheur, while taking pleasure in activities usually reserved for men, such as hunting and smoking, viewed her womanhood as something far superior to anything a man could offer or experience. She viewed men as stupid and mentioned that the only males she had time or attention for were the bulls she painted.

Having chosen to never become an adjunct or appendage to a man in terms of painting, she decided she would be her own boss and that she could lean on herself and her female partners instead. She had her partners focus on the home life while she took on the role of breadwinner by focusing on her painting. Bonheur's legacy paved the way for other lesbian artists who didn't favour the life society laid out for them


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We prepare the canvas in a natural wrap which means the image continues on the edges for a more modern finish in case it needs to be hung without a frame. Under normal conditions, our canvas blend is rated to last with archival properties. Canvas is meant for indoor, climate controlled environments. 


We use a fine poly-grade blend with 1.5" stretcher bars, for effortless framing. We offer wooden floaters in different finishes as shown on the corner frames samples suggested for each artwork.

- Black

- White

- Natural Oak

- Soft Silver

- Gilt

We also offer our New Ultra Slim Metal floaters in 3 choices:

  • Flat Black
  • Black with a Gold Edge
  • Black with a Silver Edge

This frame highlights the artwork in a contemporary style leaving a very thin empty edge between the canvas and the frame. To produce the most aesthetically pleasing work of art, we are always striving to find new ways to mount or frame artwork.




To mimic an originals texture we use a process called embellishment on many of our canvas prints. Embellishing adds more detail to prints to make them appear even closer to the original.



At The Picturalist, we check each artwork by hand before it leaves the premises. We then place it in a protective cover inside art-secure packaging. We offer door to door delivery to your home or to your drop-ship location on weekdays and Saturdays.




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