• Facemount Acrylic: Suspension by Enric Gener

Facemount Acrylic: Suspension by Enric Gener

Facemount acrylic print with a choice of floater frames
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Day-definite residential delivery in 4–7 business days based on distance to destination Delivery between 9 a.m. and 8 p.m., Tues.–Sat. Available to every U.S. residential address Optional Delivery changes possible with tracking number
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Facemount Acrylic Prints: We laminate the paper print onto a steel backing and then hot press it into the plexiglass cover
Quality Rendition: Brilliant colored prints for radiant photography
Solidity: Back printed on 1/4 inch thick acrylic glass
Framing Options: Enhance with a wooden or extra slim metal floater
Durability: Acrylic adds extra depth to the picture and a contemporary look
Maintenance: Can be wiped like a glass
Rigidity: Extra thick to prevent warping
Positioning: Printed with fade-proof archival inks for indirect light
Hanging System: We use french cleats for easy hanging that always stay straight
Shipped with Art Secure Packaging: At The Picturalist, we check each artwork before it leaves the premises. All our packages are sent in specially designed boxes to guarantee picture perfect deliveries. We ship to your drop-ship location, home or office, on weekdays and Saturdays, anywhere
Fast Shipping: We usually ship in 4-7 days


I am from Menorca, an island in the Mediterranean. I grew up by the water and learned from the sea. At university, I majored in art and design, and began to get into photography. Working as a motiongrapher allowed me to create my own lifestyle and live in many different places, far away from the city and and one step away from the sea.

I have an addiction to the unexpected. Before jumping into the sea, I devote myself to improvisation instead of posed or prepared photoshoots. My main focus is to capture the interaction between people, animals and the sea, as well as the sensation of being underwater in calm, peace and silence.


The Picturalist offers a curated wall art collection featuring International emerging artists from a wide range of artistic backgrounds.

Interior designers work is very much intertwined with that of fine artists. Complete your design projects with the perfect artwork, reques requesting custom sizes, customized colors and your own choice of frames. Send us an email at [email protected]


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