Facemount on Acrylic

Modern and sophisticated, they create an almost magical picture depth and elegance. Acrylic glass prints are break-proof, glossy and cleaning friendly.

2 Choices:

Unframed: Thanks to invisible french brackets, unframed acrylics seem to float on your walls. Unframed, our acrylic prints are perfect for minimalistic and contemporary decors.

All the characteristics of the artwork are intensified when mounted under glossy acrylic glass. The colors are more vivid and there is a great sense of depth. We use the ¼" (6 mm) thickness: The higher-end, maximum effect of presence.

No need to worry about fingerprints or blemishes. A microfiber cloth and household cleaner can be used to clean these prints and are perfect for public spaces and other high traffic areas.

Framed: When choosing Facemount Acrylic, you can add a frame or not. Our gallery style frames are recessed to the back of your artwork, without glass. You can choose from the following floater frames:

  • Black
  • White
  • Natural Oak
  • Light Walnut
  • Soft Silver
  • Gilt

 Framed acrylic prints result in beautiful artwork framed in a contemporary, luxurious manner.

 Photography on Acrylic

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