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Wassily Kazimirski


Wassily Kazimirski: Capturing Berlin's Essence

Wassily Kazimirski, born near Berlin in 1986, is a contemporary visual artist celebrated for his exceptional photography. His work seamlessly oscillates between minimal topographics and complete geometric abstraction, offering a unique perspective on Berlin's dynamic urban landscape.

At The Picturalist, we proudly showcase two distinct collections by Kazimirski:

Berlin Weiss: This ongoing project blends abstract forms, lines, and expansive white planes to evoke feelings of freedom and luxury.

Berlin - Citylights: Through bulb exposure photography, Kazimirski captures the vibrant, pulsating essence of Berlin's nocturnal city lights.

Join us to explore Kazimirski's captivating artistry, a testament to Berlin's ever-evolving spirit. His work invites you to experience the city's vibrant heartbeat through his lens.


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