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Seiko is a self-taught fine artist with a passion for exploring creativity in a variety of ways. Growing up in a family of art enthusiasts and nonprofessional artists, she was inspired by the leading exponents of abstract expressionism and geometric abstraction. After obtaining a degree in Translation, Seiko lived in Ireland, Amsterdam, and New York, pursuing her studies and working in diverse industries.

Whilst looking for her true vocation, Seiko discovered printmaking and studied under Spanish printmaker and sculptor Mar Prat, becoming her studio assistant. This experience encouraged her to choose a career in the Arts, and she now focuses on a variety of media as a self-taught fine artist.

Seiko's primary line of work involves the translation of primitive archetypes into visual compositions, exploring how these shapes help shape the collective unconscious. Her processes are inspired by daily spiritual practices and a commitment to self-discovery through awareness. She creates minimal, vibrant artworks for bold, passionate collectors with modern spaces, with her work being described as deep, intense, and full of meaning.

Seiko has been recognized for her work through numerous awards and exhibitions. In 2021, her work was featured in "A Generous Space" at the Hastings Contemporary in Hastings, UK and "The Garden of Loss & Triumph" at the No Vacancy Gallery in Melbourne, Australia. In 2018, her artwork "ATLANTIS I," which is an acrylic and oil on paper piece from 2017, was part of the digital exhibition "In the Studio: Art by MoMA’s Online Learning Community" at the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) in NYC, on display in the Cullman Education and Research Building.


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