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Pedro Nuka


Pedro Nuka, a native of Vigo, Galicia, on the northwestern region of Spain, discovered the vibrant world of geometric abstraction. His profound inspiration draws from a background in engineering and a deep appreciation for the beautiful nature and the rich modernist European masters of the mid-century era, particularly in his time in Madrid, Spain.

This remarkable journey into art saw Pedro revisit his sketches and productions from Madrid, igniting a passionate exploration into geometric abstraction. With unwavering discipline, he has continued his research and development in this captivating genre, participating in numerous individual and collective exhibitions since 2015.

In Pedro's works, you'll experience the precise interplay of color, form, and composition, each shape unveiling emotions that create an immediate connection with the viewer's own expressive soul.

At The Picturalist, Pedro Nuka's framed art on archival paper commands the spotlight, poised to adorn residential interiors. Whether you're a discerning interior designer seeking the perfect piece or a design lover yearning to embellish your home, Pedro's creations offer a seamless fusion of geometric abstraction and modernist aesthetics.


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