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Artist Encarnacion Portal Rubio


Encarnacion, a Madrid-born artist, has always been fascinated by the vibrant hues of color and the art of controlling it. Her passion for creating art began even before she picked up a paintbrush, as she spent many years playing the violin.

Today, Encarnacion is renowned for her incredible control over watercolors, creating mesmerizing abstract paintings that blur the lines between realism and dreamscapes. Encarnacion's art is characterized by her continuous exploration of new techniques and concepts, constantly pushing the boundaries of what is possible with watercolors. Her mastery of the medium is evident in her works, which often feature stunning blends of vibrant colors and intricate brushwork.

With each stroke, Encarnacion captures the essence of her subjects, evoking emotions and memories with her skillful use of color and light. Encarnacion's watercolor paintings are a feast for the senses, each one a unique expression of life and the beauty of the world around us. Her dedication to her craft and her unwavering passion for color is evident in every piece she creates. As she herself says, "There is so much to express, life is color!"


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