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Baptiste Marsac



Baptiste Marsac is a French photographer, born in Haute-Vienne, France in 1973 and currently residing in Montreal. His passion for nature and neo-classical architecture, combined with his interest in classical sculpture, has made him a sought-after photographer.

Marsac's work is characterized by a deep appreciation for the beauty and complexity of the natural world. He has a special interest in plants and flowers, and his photographs often reveal a hidden world of textures, colors, and patterns that are not readily apparent to the naked eye. His compositions are carefully crafted, and his use of light and shadow adds depth and dimension to his images.

In addition to his love of nature, Marsac is also drawn to the timeless beauty of neo-classical architecture and classical sculpture. His photographs of these subjects capture the intricate details of these structures, revealing their enduring elegance and sophistication.

Throughout his career, Marsac has focused on exploring the connections between the past and present, seeking out the meaning and significance of the world around us. His work is a celebration of the beauty and complexity of nature and the built environment, and a testament to his deep love of photography.



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