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The Picturalist purchased a few of the original prints found in Europe that had been separated from the original volume created by Hancarville. There aren't many copies of these original prints as most still remain in their original volume. The latest complete volume was sold at Sotheby's in 2001 for six figures at auction.

The resulting ensemble is seldom found complete or colored; since the large colored plates were attractive for individual framing, sets were often broken up.


The publication of collections of antique vases to serve as an inspiration for contemporary manufacturers. Items from the collection of the Sèvres royal porcelain manufactory were featured among those illustrated in the volumes and Josiah Wedgwood was inspired in particular by the artworks Sir William Hamilton, he began to collect in the 1760s. 

A series of plates of the highest quality illustrating the breath-taking scenes depicted by the unknown masters who decorated the Etruscan vases of antiquity. The plates were also intended as exemplars for contemporary artists, with the publisher noting that the images offered a wonderful source of inspiration: a sentiment that is still true today.

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