The MINDFUL Collection

The chaos of the city living and the lack of privacy and space, develop a strong need for a more mindful approach to decorating. Designing for well-being is on the rise as homemakers now have a good grasp on the impact that the color, layout, furniture and material choices can make in their day to day lives.

Urban dwellers now see their homes as retreats. Places where they attend to their holistic sense of well-being while catering their deepest creative yearnings.

The mindfulness trend encourages us to design our homes in a way that supports both our physical and spiritual growth. Having a dedicated space for meditation and yoga practice is on the rise as we feel in a desperate need for adopting more calming rituals in our daily routines.

And while the request for a more natural environment and materials inside the home continues to gain traction, appealing humane and sensorial features and gaining their way to the general public. 


Yoga Room Triptych The Picturalist



Our mindfulness focused artwork emphasizes the psychological process of bringing one's attention to experiences occurring in the present moment.

We lose track of time and our surroundings. Minutes blend into hours, and there are no thoughts apart from what’s happening in the present. It’s very much an exercise in mindfulness artwork can generate.

The right side of the brain is associated with creativity, intuition, visualizing, emotions and daydreaming, among other things. Most of us don’t use it enough because we’re socialized to be logical and rational, thinking in terms of rules, goals, planning and structure.

Art can wake us up from the dream we normally live in. Art can shock us into the present moment, and true art does this without having to try too hard.





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