Shop Art for Maximalist Interiors




For the past few years, the world of design has been immersed in the trend of minimalism. It has been a popular approach to clothing, furniture, art and as a lifestyle. Minimalism was a way of keeping things simple with bare essentials, basic shapes and monochromatic palettes. However, as minimalism makes its way out, maximalism is beginning to take its place.

If this is the case, what makes up a good maximalist design? Maximalism is defined by the opportunities it presents. It welcomes diverse aesthetics, excess, decadence and extravagance by breaking traditional design rules. Here are four elements used to compose great maximalist design.


Courageous color choices and combinations are present in good maximalist design. There is no fear of bold, bright, vibrant or saturated hues. Feel free to create palettes that clash. Color should be playful and used in a variety of ways. Whether you’re painting your walls with bold colors or creating bright compositions as a graphic designer, brave color is the way to go. So, decide on a few colors and then choose a few more!


Texture can be added in a number of ways with different techniques. A textured look can be created with layers of color and pattern. Mixing and matching these elements generates an implied surface by creating contrast. Maximalist design is full of compositions that create depth. This can be achieved through many different mediums. While a photographer will use literal contrast to tell the viewer about the surface, an interior designer can play with fabrics and objects to explore texture.


Pattern can be used heavily to your advantage when putting together a maximalist design. Use patterns and a lot of them. Filling a space with a bold and repetitive pattern as well as using patterns that are visually loud and eclectic points to all that maximalism is. With maximalism, more is more.


In design, a motif is usually a dominant idea or central theme. This can be created with a repeated design, pattern or color. This is what ties a maximalist design together and creates harmony amid what appears to be chaos. Where there is consistency, there is unity. Repeat those bold colors, keep bringing in that shape or stick with the same theme. While it might be excessive and full, it will bring a sense of unity to the composition as a whole.

Modern design is embracing this new and expressive trend with eagerness. Soon, minimalism design will take the backseat as maximalism steps forward. We will be seeing a lot of layers, diverse materials, metallic leaf and bold wallpaper in the months to come. Reach out to us when you need your maximalist designs printed (or for any of your printing needs).