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Paola De Giovanni


Paola De Giovanni is a mixed media artist and textile designer. Drawn to photography from an early age, she trained in Florence and Venice. She graduated at the London College of Fashion in the UK with an MA in Fashion Studies.
In her own words: My visual research is a voyage of discovery, enchantment and experimentation. I document what I define the beautiful decadent and the everyday life: I am interested in portraying people and places that often pass unnoticed in this fast paced society. Paola starts her paintings by introducing color, shapes and line, then responds to their development in an intuitive fashion, layer after layer.  These works are at once mysterious, moody, and powerful yet luminous as the result of many layers of paint applied. 

Suminagashi, the ancient art of Japanese marbling, is arguably one of the earliest forms of abstract art, with the first known example dating to the 10th century. 

The artist floats colored ink on water before being transferring it to an absorbent surface, such as paper or fabric. Each marbling example is unique, and the results are ethereally beautiful and abstract.

Because marbled papers were used in book production during the 18th and 19th centuries, this art style is strongly associated with publishing and intellectualism. Try using marbled backgrounds in book or stationery designs, or use on websites to add a more tactile quality to a digital design. 


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