Julia Di Sano

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 J U L I A   D I   S A N O                                          

Julia Di Sano is a full-time watercolour and acrylic painter, based in New Westminster, BC, where she works from her home studio and lives with her husband and 2 Maine Coon cats. In addition to using traditional mediums, in recent years, she has also begun incorporating various digital elements into her pieces, for greater flexibility and variety of aesthetics when working with clients.

Born and raised in Brampton and then Orangeville, Ontario, Julia was always inspired by the beauty of Nature, from the lush woodlands and untouched lakes near her family’s home to the vast expanse of the Great Lakes and “Cottage Country” near Parry Sound, where she and her family spent a lot of time outdoors throughout her childhood.

From a very young age, Julia turned to art as her favourite natural expression and outlet, drawing, painting and sculpting on a regular basis. She attended an intensive fine arts high school, and has travelled the world, living in numerous places, from New Brunswick to Japan, learning new techniques throughout her travels.

Now based in BC, Julia finds endless inspiration from the age-old forests, the mountains, and the rolling waves of the ocean; and her aim is to interpret and capture that rugged beauty on paper and canvas through varied paint and textural mediums.

Julia’s work is part of numerous corporate and residential projects, including hotels, apartments, and restaurants around the world. Her art as been featured globally, by media/publications such as HGTV Canada, Etsy Canada, Global TV Breakfast Show, CTV Morning Show Calgary, Apartment Therapy, Grand Designs Magazine UK, Western Living Magazine, etc.  Her art has also been used by the Canadian Embassy in Washington, DC., as well as charitable organizations, such as the Alzheimer's Society of British Columbia.

Julia’s work is often described as layered, elegant, richly coloured, atmospheric and moody, contemporary, and as capturing rich visual textures. She believes art has the power to bring happiness and a calming reprieve to her clients’ lives. Despite hectic, sometimes stressful daily schedules, getting lost within a piece of art can allow one to pause, take a breath from it all, and simply embrace the beauty in this world.

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