Camille Delor

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Camille Delor is a french artist and Interior Designer, presently living in Montreal.

My graphic identity is sharp and precise, to capture the expression of the body and soul in motion. ‘Natural’ action taken from real life is what I seek. In my work the viewer is invited to take part of the art. You see what you wish to and let the superfluous go.

The search for the veracity of nature and movement leads me away from the accepted norms of bodily representation. I choose to portray fragmentary figures with missing -body- parts eliminating all anecdotal details to focus on the sensation of movement.

From as long as I can remember, I have always drawn. I was introduced to art from my youngest age. My parents had so many art and photography books: Salvador Dali, Henri Matisse, Robert Doisneau to mention only a few which I remember often reading. My mum used to go often to exhibitions so I was naturally following her path. Later, as a student I discovered Auguste Rodin's work which fascinated me.
I organically completed applied art school in south of France where I first got introduced to drawing from living model.

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