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Alicia Lorente

Alicia Lorente: Photographer, Painter living in Montreal, Canada.

In 1996 she photographed Antonio Saura at his studio in Cuenca – today, his museum –  and on the heels of this encounter, she began painting.


"The creative impulse is described as the urge to create so strong that artworks have appeared in all cultures, from the earliest days of humankind. Images made by people are uniquely human and we do it so often and so naturally that we take if for granted.
Alicia Lorente knows that energy that propels her art production all too well. A professional photographer, she has been making art since a few years, opting for large format and striking forms. The creative impulse that drives her to work in such a large scale and with such intensity is a demanding taskmaster. The latest series of works took close to two years to produce, and the results are impressive.
Lorente incorporated gold leaf into her work, having briefly researched the technique of applying the delicate film of pure precious metal. Laid in horizontal or vertical stripes of different width across a black, textured background, or in giant circles that swirl and dissipate, the gold immediately takes centre stage, directing the eye in an unexpected visual storyboard as they converse with each other. Several smaller works present a scaled down version of the large pieces, and look more like fragments of jewelry. There are 17 in all in this series, and they have turned the artist's spacious atelier into a high-end contemporary art gallery. Alicia Lorente was born in Spain, and now lives and works in Montreal. She is one of hundreds of artist inhabiting this exciting metropolis who labour alone in their studios, without the benefit of a gallery or art dealer. They are just as talented, in many cases more so, as the artists whose works hang in the countless galleries that make Montreal so exotic to visitors. It is therefore a particular treat when they open their studios to the public; an opportunity not only to see works that otherwise would not be seen, and to take a peek into the inner sanctum of the artist.
Creativity does not depend on inherited talent or on environment or upbringing; it is the function of the ego of every human being. (Silvano Arieti)"


By : Dorota Kozinska 15 novembre, 2015 - VIE DES ARTS webzine

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