Artist Agreement


This Agreement and our Privacy Policy represent the complete agreement concerning the Service between you and us. 

The Picturalist Inc. provides a service for the sale and purchase of artwork, including without limitation, through our website. 

The Picturalist allows you to submit digital images of your original works of art for the purpose of making print copies of such works available for purchase through our website.

The agreement details all these points: 

  • The service
  • Licence grant
  • Payment terms
  • Paper, Canvas, Acrylic, Metal and Back-lit LED Types
  • Limited Edition Collections of Artists
  • Originals 
  • Removing works
  • Copyrights
  • Calculation of Commissions paid to the artists


Receive Our Artists Agreement


Receive our artist agreement

Step 1: Create Your Artist Account

Step 2: Photograph / Scan Your Artwork

Step 3: Send us Your Portfolio or Samples 

Step 4: We Send You Our Artist Agreement


Want to know more? Email us at and request our Artist’s Agreement.

Questions? Just call 1-833-742-8872 or 1-833-PICTURA. We promise to respond quickly.


Our Artist Agreement

Our Artist Agreement


Receive Our Artists Agreement