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Icons of Design Portrait Collection by Anthony Jenkins

The Picturalist Proudly Presents

Iconic Designers by Anthony Jenkins

From Walter Gropius to Le Corbusier, Florence Knoll to Claude Lalanne, The Picturalist’s new ICONIC DESIGNERS series offers you a fresh perspective on the designer-artist-architects whose achievements invented the modern era. Canadian artist Anthony Jenkins is a master of the minimalist yet telling line. He here captures the likeness and personality of these landmark designers in his uniquely expressive style.

The Picturalist offers you this original collection in print size of 16 x 16 inches. We feel Jenkins’ artwork in this series will create impact both as singles or in a grouping.


Anthony Jenkins lives and creates in rural Mono, Ontario, north of Toronto. For four decades, his editorial illustrations, caricatures and portraits delighted the readers of Canada’s national newspaper, The Globe and Mail.

He has travelled the world with a sketchpad, visiting eighty-three countries to date. His first love is black and white. His later colour work is inspired by the vivid life and hues of the Third World.

In his own words: “A likeness captured is a given. If it may be captured elegantly, in just a few, telling lines that dance and please the eye in their own right, that’s the goal.”

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