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What Are the Real Color Trends for this Year and 2019 ?

What Are the Real Color Trends for this Year and 2019 ?

As anyone who's ever painted a room knows, color is paramount to its design from the furniture to the artwork. While the right hue can add a layer of splendor, choosing the perfect color is so important that many major paint companies devote an entire year to build a guide and help educate on what’s out there and what the marketplace will offer.That kind of assignment is where color forecasts play an integral role.

This Year in Colors


While the trends are clearly laid out, the path to determining the final color range isn’t so cut and dry. “We don’t have a crystal ball that tells us what our Color of the Year is going to be,” says Benjamin Moore’s color and design expert Andrea Magno. “We spend months researching and traveling around the world, attending design shows and picking up cues and influences from different industries, including fashion and art. Then the next step is bringing that information back and determining what the common threads are between these different disciplines and areas of the world.”

Benjamin Moore Color Trends 2018
Click Image to access Benjamin Moore's 2018 color forecast

Charlotte Crosby, head of creative at Farrow & Ball, agrees that travel is the key to acquiring cultural trends, but she is quick to point out that different nations have diverse associations with color, which ultimately influences its color range. “Culture is one of the biggest influences on color choice and it’s oftentimes intuitive,” she says. “It can change what we deem to be appropriate, lucky, sophisticated, positive, and so on. For example, in China, red is a symbol of good luck, while in the West it represents anger and passion.”

Farrow & Ball Radicchio
Click image to learn more about "Radicchio" by Farrow & Ball

In addition to traveling to Salone del Mobile, Maison & Objet, and other design shows each year, some paint companies such as Behr and Sherwin-Williams also consult professional color associations, like Color Marketing Group and WGSN.

Shwerwin Williams's Oceanside
Click image to find out more about Sherwin Williams "Oceanside"

But perhaps the most surprising discoveries are found during a sweep of Pinterest or a walk down a drugstore’s cosmetics aisle. “Everyone has their own unique place of pulling research,” says Behr’s vice president of color and creative services, Erika Woelfel. “We look at Pinterest to see what people are looking at for paint colors each season. 

In 2018 it’s possible that these deep hues will be on their way out the door, and we will turn our attention to a more optimistic outlook, looking at colors like a Fiery Red or Wedgewood Blue, but that doesn’t mean we have to completely move on. “Just like fashion, colors work in cycles,” says Crosby. “We get bored, move on, and then 20 years later we like them all over again.” 
As you probably know, the interior design world is intimately linked to the fashion world and our clients will follow these trends.

Continuing to highlight the desire for color that transcends the seasons, the report for Autumn/Winter 2018 highlights the experimental nature of London fashion calling out two additional shades for London; PANTONE 15-1515 Mellow Rose, a beloved and subtle, traditional English shade, and PANTONE 18-2045 Pink Peacock, in contrast, a striking statement color.

2019 Color Forecasts

Click image and discover the Color trend combinations for 2019
The continued transition away from cyclical trends, combined with a strong focus on self-expression and more exuberant color mixes makes for some surprisingly delightful color surprises in the autumn/winter palette. Exploring nuances within primary color families and reinventing the seasonal color story.

I hope this informal guide is useful to you.

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Sources: Architectural Digest, Behr, Benjamin Moore, Farrow & Ball, Sherwin Williams, ISPO.
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Roy Caro Cohen, Design Curator
The Picturalist


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