Newest Artwork by Rodrigo Martin & Alejandro Franseschini

Newest Artwork by Rodrigo Martin & Alejandro Franseschini

At The Picturalist, we’re always seeking new ways to support the design community. That’s why we are happy to present to you new prints from two of our contributors.


The prolific Spanish artist Rodrigo Martin offers a distinctively different body of work —  light and abstract. The works colorful abstractions using oil paint on large panels, look like several different surfaces converging into one, it’s not an illusion. His earlier work speaks more to Martin’s native Langreo, in the north of Spain whose strong roman history, has influenced his art. His latest pieces are perhaps more easily associated with Madrid, his other home base.








To digital artist Alejandro Franseschini, a screen is not just a two-dimensional surface on which to create an image — it’s a sculptural material to be subtly worked. Some of his works are two-dimensional prints that resemble arrangements of actual objects, while others are three-dimensional collages that, from afar, could easily be prints.
The word digital might ground the work in the simplicity of craft, but Franseschini’s compositions can’t escape their sophisticated geometric abstraction.The intricate designs seem to have crossed over from another dimension, yet each feels tailor-made for its subject.







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