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New Photography by Canadian Artist Karen Thom.

New Photography by Canadian Artist Karen Thom.

A great photo takes planning, preparation and a bit of luck and timing, but it still feels like a gift that we receive when we are out there and it all comes together.

Photography is not a simple reflection of reality, but rather its transformation and interpretation. It refers more to the imagination than to visual perception.


In this fast-paced world, where emphasis is made on immediacy, a still photograph stops time. It gives the viewer a moment to think, to react, to feel.



We welcome Canadian photographer Karen Thom:

Karen Thom



A lifelong hobbiest, Karen Thom’s newest passion is photography.  With camera in-hand, and ‘keeping it simple’ in mind, she looks for nature’s hidden gems and life’s unique opportunities to create a refreshing visual break from the demands of our busy lives.


I love to tell stories with my pictures, and to travel nature seeking the light and the life of everything out there.



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