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Featured Artist: Kathy Ré Scheidt

Featured Artist: Kathy Ré Scheidt

Vineyard Diptych by Katie Re Scheidt:

Vineyard Diptych by Katie Re Scheidt


Katie Ré Scheidt is a nature inspired artist from New England. An intuitive painter, the artist is known for her use of color and expressive brushwork.  Katie's body of work spans the genres of landscapes, abstracts, nudes and portraits. 


Dream Horizon


Her abstract compositions of swirling blues, greens, and whites interspersed with patches of pink make for an impressive, misty landscape.

There is something beyond a mere appreciation of nature, the artist has invited the viewer to experience its wonder through her unique gaze.




Desert II by Katie Re Scheidt

Desert II by Katie Re Scheidt


When it comes to selecting art prints for interiors, too often artwork is treated as an afterthought. Yet art, when chosen wisely, can transform a space and add character. That's at the heart of what we do at The Picturalist.


Mariposa- Art by Katie Re Scheidt

Mariposa by Katie Re Scheidt

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Casablanca Diptych

Casablanca by Katie Re Scheidt



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