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Designing Rooms with Large-Scale Photography

Designing Rooms with Large-Scale Photography

Using a vivid photograph by Dimitri Igoshin to bring color to a neutral living space. 
In a room design, a photograph can act as a portal, bringing the reality, glamour, location, or moment into the present.


Pomp & Circumstance is a room by Adelson Design


Interior designers can feature large photographs,

in both black-and-white or opulent colors,

to help remake the boundaries of our interior

environments and help us escape and dream.



Customized artwork based on the glass dome of Galleria Vitor-Emmanuele in Milan.



Beauty, black & white photography



In the setting above, an oversized photograph

complements a contemporary bedroom.



For a city living room, a vivid black & white photograph 

breathes energy into the space.


For a relaxed family room design, hanging a seascape photograph helps creating a calming environment.


For a relaxed family room design, hanging a seascape

photograph helps creating a calming environment.




A repetition of a the same motif by A. Redd, lets a burst of blue

enter this modern design.


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Roy Caro Cohen

Roy Caro Cohen


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