• LED Backlit Fabric Print - Back Lit Photography Arched Metal
  • LED Backlit Fabric Print - Back Lit Photography Arched Metal
  • LED Backlit Fabric Print - Back Lit Photography Arched Metal
  • LED Backlit Fabric Print - Back Lit Photography Arched Metal

Back Lit Photography Arched Metal

LED Back Lit Photography
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Day-definite residential delivery in 2–5 business days based on distance to destination Delivery between 9 a.m. and 8 p.m., Tues.–Sat. Available to every U.S. residential address Optional Delivery changes possible with tracking number
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Construction: Steel Box in Black or Silver color
Printed Surface: Printed fabrics remain perfectly tensioned, glare-free and can be changed easily without replacing the hardware
2 options for profile depth: Choice of 4.7 or 1.6 inches in depth, offer a sleek finish, perfect for projects with limited space, and integrates beautifully into custom walls and millworks
Light Source: Long life PLS LED lighting system.
Light Intensity: Choice of dimmer


The Picturalist offers you first quality, customized artwork that ships in just 4 to 7 days. This lightning speed service enables you to display artist original wall art tailored for your design project, within a week of ordering. It guarantees you can choose your artwork in the size you want, in the medium you prefer and in the frame finish you desire, to match your project décor.


LED Backlit Fabric Prints with Metal Frames

The Picturalist offers you award-winning LED backlit frames that make your photos really “pop.” Because your photos are printed on a special mat fabric, the three- dimensional effect created by these frames is very impressive.

Offered in both 1.6 or 4 inches in depth, these frames feature a sleek and elegant LED profile. They’re perfect for projects with limited space. And they integrate beautifully into custom wall systems and millwork.

The LED panels create an evenly lit, dimmable surface. They operate on 12 volts, last 20,000+ hours, and feature a warmer light output from 3500 to 4000k. Please note that dimmers are not recommended on low profile models as the intensity needs to be consistent to show a regular lit surface.



Shipping with art-secure packaging

At The Picturalist, we check each artwork by hand before it leaves the premises. We then place it in a protective cover inside art-secure packaging.

We offer door to door delivery to your home or to your drop-ship location on weekdays and Saturdays.


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