The Picturalist & Your Passion


We love art and we share this ardor with you.

We are not an art gallery. We are a gallery of art.

We believe art is for everyone.

We know artists aren’t always businesspeople.

We give artists a chance to grow and to promote their art.

We believe art is worth fighting for.

We believe in being fair.

We believe you can be both “nice” and successful.

We believe we can all benefit from helping each other.

We believe in honest and genuine care and great service.

We provide the ideal finishing touches to every artwork and transaction.

We like different styles and have different interests.

We all deserve interesting art in our homes.

We all know that at one time all art has been contemporary.

We all want to look at inspiring images and smile.

We all want to smile every day, in every room we enter.


Let us see you smile. Let us into your home.


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