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Support Center for Artists



At The Picturalist, we’re eager to find new artists and to collaborate with them. We select works by emerging artists. Our curators are not just collectors—they are patrons. They support and judge up-and-coming artists based on artistic merit and emotional appeal. This patronage demands the vision and spirit of discovery we encourage at The Picturalist. We recognize artists for their passion and originality. And when their work is appreciated by our collectors, we reward them.


Start Selling Your Art with The Picturalist



We encourage you to first review our website, and then submit a sampler of your work. If your creations align with our artistic direction, we will contact you. We will then explain our philosophy, our goals for future collections, and our quality standards, as well as the terms of a fruitful contract with you.


After you start selling with us we will guide you to define the following:


Certain artists appreciate direction in order to create their best work. Others prefer to create independently. The Picturalist is happy to work with you in your chosen working style.

Feel free to work under your real name or under a pseudonym—your choice. If you choose to submit a lot of work at once and then nothing for a while, we adapt to your rhythm.

Among other benefits, The Picturalist offers you a monthly sales report. This report highlights your best sellers, and gives you real time feedback on what your clients appreciate most about your art.

Learn how to sell your art online, email us at [email protected] we will quickly send you an information package on how to get started.

Start Selling Your Art with The Picturalist


Want to know more? Email us at [email protected] and request our Artist’s Agreement.

Questions? Just call 1-833-742-8872 or 1-833-PICTURA. We promise to respond quickly.